All praises and thanks be to Allah SWT. Abundant salutations be upon His beloved Messenger SAW.

Inspired by the quote “No matter where you are in life, inspire and empower the women around you”, I will be sharing what I’ve learned over the course of my journey as a student of deen & psychology. From change of career-direction and to personal development and spiritual growth, and overcoming self-sabotage along the way✈️⛵️🛸🚀🛥⁣

We will be using the Journey: A Goal-Setting Journal to put pen to paper and turn dreams into plans🗺📝⁣

Initially intended to be a goal-setting workshop, it transformed into “Becoming”. Why? “Adults ask kids “What do you want to BE when you grow up?” As if growing up is finite. As if you become something and that is all there is. And my journey is the journey of always, continuously evolving.” – Michelle Obama⁣

You are capable of amazing things. Allah put you on this earth for a reason. Allah wants you to do something for Him⛰⁣

BONUS: Do you value personal development & spiritual growth, but struggle with consistency? The post-workshop group or individual accountability will provide support & help keep you on track for a whole month afterwards. You are not alone. ⁣

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