Personal Development & Spirituality Accountability WhatsApp Group

Do you value personal development and spiritual growth, but struggle with consistency?

Then this is for you!

Think of daily/weekly habits you want to incorporate into your life – consistently!


📿Qur’an reading/memorisation/review/reflection Habit.

📖Reading Habit (think of all the books on your reading list).

📝Learning Habit (think of that online course or YouTube series you started but didn’t finish).

🏋️‍♀️Physical exercise.

How it works

-Set your own habits & share it in the WhatsApp group (You can choose as few/ as many as you like).

Some habits that I recommend you also include if you struggle to be consistent:

100x salawaat Daily

100x istighfaar Daily

5min muraaqaba

Qur’an recitation: an amount that you can be consistent with.

-Choose your own “rewards” for consistency and “punishments” for inconsistency.

-Check-in daily to say whether you have done what you set out to, and if not, why not.

-Be supported by like-minded ladies.

-You will be deleted from the group without notice if you do not check-in for 3 consecutive days, but not if don’t do what you set out to do. (Knowing this keeps you on your toes! It might sound scary but it’s not. Life happens and that’s okay!)

You need to choose your own rewards and punishments because you know what would be really rewarding and what would be a deterrent to you.

Examples of rewards:

-Buying yourself something you’ve wanted for a long time.

-Taking yourself out on a date.

For the punishment, perhaps give money to a cause that is dear to you but that money was needed for something far more important, so it would be a sacrifice. Perhaps if you’re a chocolate lover, consider depriving yourself of eating chocolate for a month.

-WhatsApp groups are limited to 10-12 ladies only.

-Registration is for one month only, and you are welcome to renew your subscription monthly to work on the same or new habits, for as long as you would like to.

-I am happy to give you a WhatApp call if you want to speak about what you would like to be more consistent in and get some help with setting goals

“Do something everyday that your future self will thank you for!”

-For Info on Registration:

📲WhatsApp Wasfeeya: +27793500024