All praises and thanks are due to Almighty Allah SWT. Abundant salutations be upon His Beloved messenger SAW.

I officially have Bride brain. I thought I made it up, but Future Halal Bae did a Google search and guess what? It’s a real thing!

Getting married brings about SO many things to do. It’s not just about getting a dress and a suit and securing a venue, unfortunately.

Alhamdulillah, we’ve completed 3 sessions of pre-marital counselling amidst all the running around, and we’re having a notarised marriage contact drawn up. These things are of utmost importance to me and I believe they’re really non-negotiable, no mater how little time you have. I’m grateful to our pre-marital Counsellor, Sumaya Hoosain (who can be contacted on +27 78 633 9000. Our wonderful Marriage Contract Facilitator is Fahmeda Walls (who can be contacted on +27 (84) 4333236). May Allah SWT bless them and their marriages. Āmīn.

We’ve had our fair share of DRAMA! I won’t even go there. At this point I just want our wedding to be over so we can chill on our honeymoon. I sometimes envy some of my besties for getting to have just a nikaah, MaShaAllah. May Allah increase their marriages in mawaddah (love) and rahmah (mercy). Āmīn.

We’ve met with our parents regarding wedding planning, a jeweller for my ring; our wedding videographer and photographer, the list goes on.

It doesn’t help that I’ve been irritable. I don’t know whether to blame wedding stress or the patch which I started using just over a week ago. Even though my wedding dress is not done, Im nowhere near done packing and my room is a mess, I’m leaning towards blaming the patch.

I went to the amazing Dr. Yasmin Brey for a consultation. She prescribed the patch as it is the best option for me, under my circumstances. I’m not the kind to take pills every day. I go through phases of consistently taking vitamins and omega tablets, but the consequences of skipping them is not life changing, thankfully.

Wedding planning has been spiritually depleting. It doesn’t have to be. But I’ve let myself slip. May Allah SWT forgive me and guide me.

I know that everything will turn out the way it’s meant to, whether according to our plan or not. May Allah SWT always grant us contentment with His decree. May He guide and protect our marriages and let them be blessings, not trials. Āmīn.

Remember us in your du’as.