I love that future halal bae is into wedding planning. He’s more on the ball than I am! Can you believe it? We’re meeting the wedding venue people tomorrow InShaAllah. We’re fortunate to have found an available wedding venue at such short notice. Apparently people usually book wedding venues a year in advance. I will not reveal the venue out of fear of gate-crashers, when I have already decided to cut down our total number of guests from four hundred to three hundred. Please don’t be offended if you’re not invited; we’re both students on a budget at this point in our lives. Maybe you’ll be invited to our future children’s weddings InShaAllah.

So we met yesterday at my house, just us, without any distracting input just yet. Coz it’s our day and it’s about what we want. We went through the nikaah program, chose our reception playlist and discussed our photoshoot spots around Cape Town. We’re fortunate to have relatively chilled parents who are supportive of our decisions. Alhamdulillah.

I initially felt like I was forced into having a big wedding that I didn’t want. Not having a wedding was not even an option for my parents. A part of me still wishes I could skip the whole wedding reception, out of doing what I believe to be most pleasing to our Creator. Even though I am a girly girl and I have been dreaming of a beautiful wedding my whole life. I mean, I had a bride Barbie doll and all. But I would prefer a small, intimate wedding, ideally at a venue called the Baronness. Since we decided on a joint reception, it’s unfortunately too small so it sadly can’t be an option.

I am starting a separate wedding blog soon InShaAllah, which will hopefully be useful to others planning their wedding too.

With best wishes for your worldly and Hereafter success,