All praises and thanks be to Allah. Abundant salutations be upon His and our beloved. (SAW).

Someone posted this on their WhatsApp story yesterday. I thanked them for sharing, because I really needed to see it.

I wish I came across it earlier.

Because it’s been on my mind since I came to know about it. I didn’t want to write about it because I could not fathom it. I’m sure it’s really stale news by now. But if you follow Islamic YouTube lectures and social media, you would probably have an idea of what I am referring to. I give the case the benefit of the doubt, and husnul-dhan (thinking the best about a believer), but the cloud of doubt itself shocked me.

Through this quote I came across yesterday, I realised I was so disturbed and couldn’t deal because I had attached perfection to a particular person, instead of attaching perfection to Allah SWT alone.

Yasmin Mogahed is another person who is truly gifted, I mean, she couldn’t have put it better. But instead seeing her gift, I consciously choose to see the Giver of her gift. And I ask Him to protect her always. And everyone else in a similar position. Aameen.