I have a million things going on for me but I’m blogging right now – ’cause blogging is the most logical thing to do when your To-Do list is too long to handle, right? Apart from eating, of course.

So I will be completing my khatm for sanad and ijaaza (in Hafs ‘An ‘Āsim via the Shatibiyyah) on Friday the 1st of December InShaAllah. Please join me to witness South Africa’s very first females-only Qirā-āt Completion Ceremony, under a female teacher on top of it. #HistoryInTheMaking! Message me for details.

In my reality right now, I’m trying keep up my dhor (back lessons) and learn a new chapter or two of the Jazariyyah every day. Today I apologised to Ml. Ayesha, saying that I’m sorry for being such a terrible student but I’m just not coping very well with my life right now.

I resigned from my job as a media, marketing & communications manager and I met with the new manager today, Alhamdulillah.

I have 3 major assignments due next week and Umm Zakiyyah is going to be in town this weekend. And guess who’s facilitating her meet-up on Friday? Meeeeeeeeee! I’m really looking forward the Accidental Muslims event.

Tonight I went to my qirā-āt class tonight taught by Sh. Imtiyaaz Isaacs, and I couldn’t help my mind drifting to my halal future bae at some point, but that’s a post for another time.

I don’t usually do du’a requests, but I humbly ask you for your du’as.

With my best of du’as for your worldly and Hereafter success,