I was invited to attend the enrichment course hosted by Jam ‘Eyyatul Qurra on the study of 57 ways of recitation for Imam Hafs RA, and being a qiraa-aat student, there was no ways I was going to pass up this opportunity. It started last night and it is being recorded, so anyone still wanting to join may do so. It is free of charge.

The text is in Arabic and is translated and explained by Sheikh Imtiyaaz Isaacs. Due to time constraints, he does not translate word-for-word and nor does he explain terms that we are expected to know, like “tawssut” and “mutawaatir”.

In order to give an overview of the science of qiraa-aat, he started off explaining that there are ten qurraa, and each had two outstanding students. In the case of ‘Asim, his two students, Hafs and Shu’ba, were outstanding not only for their perfection of their recitation, but because they would not accept remuneration of any kind – Not even their students carrying their bags for them. Why? They feared coming on the day of Qiyaamah and being told that they already received their remuneration in the dunya! SubhanAllah! May Allah SWT make us true people of the Qur’an. Aameen.


Course Duration: 16 days

The course is based on the book “ Taudih Al Ma’lim Li Turuq Hafs An Asim” by Sheikh Allie bin Muhammad Tawfiq Al Nuhas

The book is dynamic in the field of Qira’at specifically and generally in the field of Quran as it is the first of its kind demonstrating every dialect with a chain of transmission from the author directly to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

The book incorporates 57 ways of recitation for the narrator Hafs may Allah be pleased with him who is a direct student of Asim may Allah be pleased with him. Only 52 ways of recitation is found in the Nasr of Imam Ibn Al Jazariy and the 5 ways was included by Sheikh Taufiq who studied it under the tutorship of Sheikh Amir Sayed Uthman the grand Sheikh of Egypt in his time may Allah be pleased with them and Sheikh Kuriam Rajih of Damascus.

The enrichment program will focus primarily on the practical application of each recitation in collaboration with the theoretical aspects thereof.

This course will equip educators with in depth insights on both theoretical and practical Quranic installations derived from the texts.

Expectation of those who are interested to join – persons that enter should have a background of understanding Arabic texts and Tajwid rules.

Allocated days per week: 2 days

Sun (8.30-10.30am) morning

Tuesday (7.30-9.30pm) evening

Venue: JEQ FHI (Females Campus, new building, 13th Avenue Skaap Kraal)

Presented by: Imtiyaaz Isaacs (Graduate of the Al-Azhar university Faculty of Islamic Law and direct student of the author)

All welcome!

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