I was someone who was anti-wisdom teeth removal, but I decided to get it over and done with ’cause I didn’t want to risk my braces-straightened pearly whites being ruined in the future, amongst other issues. 

Before I had my wisdom teeth removed I searched the internet for other people’s experience, but I still had a lot of surprises, so I thought to add mine to to blogosphere. 

I went to Kromboom Dental clinic and Dr. Natha saw me. He didn’t want to risk removing my lower two ’cause they were close to my nerves, so he referred me to a maxillofacial surgeon at Contantiaberg Mediclinic. 

My X-ray

My mom would’ve preferred a stereotypical old, white man, but we instead met a young, handsome, Muslim Indian guy last Friday. And today he wore his scrubs with jeans. (That moment when you you have to lower your gaze for your surgeon🙈). 
Anyway, back to start of my whole spiel. My “dying wish”, were I to die, was to eat burfee. And if I were to survive, 3 days is a long time to crave burfee but can’t have ’cause I have to go without solids. So last night, after some begging, beseeching, you-know-I-could-die-speech, my sister went to Shalimar Delight and bought some. I went to sleep a happy chappy. I took slightly longer to sleep than usual ’cause I was a bit anxious. 

I could not eat for at least 6 hours before the op, but I was scheduled for 10am and I don’t usually have an appetite in the morning, so that was cool with me. 

My mom and I were early, which is a minor miracle for my mom, and that paid off, ’cause I got to be seen to earlier. 

FYI, For those who need to go: There are 3 options for the procedure: 

1. General anaesthetic in the hospital

2. Local anaesthetic in the surgeon’s chair

3. Sedation by a sedationist in the surgeon’s chair (in addition to the procedure by the surgeon)

I wasn’t aware of the third option but it was less effort and more cost-effective than option 1 and more comfortable than option 2. 

My sedationist was a non-Muslim male and that was annoying ’cause he was touching me to comfort me and I had to shift my scarf and my clothes for his sedation stuff. 

I closed my eyes while he was doing his thing; I was just waiting for the needle for the drip. He told me just before he put it in. I cried. I cannot stand needles. But once his stuff kicked in and I was sleeping it was all good; I didn’t feel a thing, Alhamdulillah. It’s pretty incredible. 

Apparently I took half an hour to wake up after the surgery.  ‘Cause I’m a tiny person. I’m not quite sure how it works, but anyway. I heard my surgeon tell me to open my eyes and I did. I said “I’m thirsty” and realised I couldn’t speak properly, but thankfully the sedationist understood me. I wasn’t expecting that. He took my hands and walked me to the waiting room. I could not walk on my own. I wasn’t expecting that either. I had a wheelchair porter wheel me to the car. That was fun. 

I wasn’t expecting the amount of blood I had to spit out every five minutes the entire day and how disturbing that was during salaah. 

I wasn’t expecting a stiff jaw afterwards, (although my surgeon did mention it as a possible side-effect).

I wasn’t expecting to have to sleep upright and not completely flat. 

I was expecting pain, but I’m all good, Alhamdulillah. 

Surgeon’s tip: Take Myprodol (pain-killers) BEFORE the sedation wares off so that you don’t feel any pain. This was a tip that really helped!

I’m taking probiotics and antibiotics as well. 

Other tips I came across:

-Do not drink from a straw. 

-Do not consume hot liquids. 

-Do not brush your teeth on the first day. 

-Do not rinse your mouth with mouthwash on the first day. 

-Bite on gauze to help stop the bleeding. 

-Use ice to help reduce the swelling. It works. 

-I’m using Labello med repair for my dry lips👌.

-Chew gum to help with the stiff jaw. 

– A hot bean bag /hot water bottle helps relax the stiff jaw and the bruising. I can’t believe I only tried it out on day 6!

My meds routine: 

Around 8am and 8pm: probiotic

Around 9am and 9pm: Eat + Antibiotic and Myprodol

Medicated mouthwash morning and night. 

Day 2

The swelling has gone worse and I look like a little chipmunk, as you can see. This was after having sat with ice blocks for half an hour. The square shape of my face is very exaggerated. (Now I know what I would look like if I was fat, except with a double as well). 

I’m doing well Alhamdulillah. Thankfully I don’t have an appetite, but we’re having a family lunch tomorrow. At least I can eat pudding😍. 

Chewing gum seems to be helping with the stiff jaw, except that I have to throw it away every time it gets full of blood. I’m having less bleeding today Alhamdulillah. I really want the bleeding to stop immediately✋. I’ll stop chewing gum in hopes that it helps. 

So much to be grateful for right now, especially being on holiday. I’m currently working on an essay on Carl Jung due next week. It’s taking me forever to wrap my head around his concepts.

Allah really inspired some people and gave them incredible intellectual insight, but unfortunately deprived them of īmān. Alhamdulillah for the blessing of being Muslim. 

Later on Day 2: even worse swelling😬

Day 3

The swelling and bruising has gone even worse. Hopefully today was the worst InShaAllah. I was planning on fasting tomorrow, but I doubt I’ll be able to. I unfortunately didn’t work on my assignment today. I slept a lot and we had a family lunch for my father’s birthday until well into the evening. I’m tired of soup and can’t wait to eat normally again. 

Day 5

I am STILL swollen but it has gone down a bit Alhamdulillah! The bruising has gone worse – it’s gone a weird green colour. And I had to go to my psych class looking like that. 

I am finally starting to EAT solids, whoo hoo!🎉 I’m taking my last antibiotics tomorrow and I will be fasting InShaAllah, scrambling to finish before Shawaal ends. 

Alhamdulillah, I submitted my assignment almost 2 hours before it was due, so proud of myself!👏 

I can finally focus properly on my Qur’an memorisation revision. 

Day 6

My face is still swollen but it is much better Alhamdulillah. You have no idea how good it feels to EAT! I’ve never eaten this little in my whole adult life! I absolutely love and cherish food. It has a special place in my heart. I know I need some tazkiyatun-nafs. I know I know. 

Day 7

We went to Syriana for my father’s birthday last night and I was so happy to eat, Alhamdulillah. The best thing we ordered was the cheese muhammara mana’aoshe. 

I’m starting to feel normal again. I still bleed when I brush my teeth though, and I hate blood. 

I chucked the extra pillows and slept normally! Yay! Alhamdulillah. 

Day 8

My gums are bleeding and it’s seriously annoying because I’m fasting and I’m worried about swallowing blood. 😩