Book review: “Towards Hifdhul Qur’aan: a Journey of Inspiration” by Haafidha Rayhaanah Omar

Format: ebook 

Price: tbc

Available: tbc 

I was really excited when this ebook was released. However, I generally don’t buy e-resources since I haven’t exhausted all of the free resources available online. So I was elated when one of my students gifted me with it. 

There are many inspiring stories and articles in the book which I have previously read online, and I would kinda expect original content if I were to pay for a book. 

Nevertheless, it is a collection of heartwarming pieces – one for each day of the month – that you can read over and over again to rekindle the desire for Qur’an within. 

I have to mention that it is neatly laid out and sprinkled with a touch of pink – my fave colour, and hearts – my fave shape. Plus, an inspirational ayah borders the bottom of every page. 

Every aspiring haafidha should have a copy to go to for motivation.