I decided to stay home today. I wasn’t prepared to read the same set of ajzaa for the third time. I hadn’t prepared it yesterday nor the previous day. It’s due to this block that I mentioned in my previous post. Self-sabotage. But then I remembered that it’s Thursday – which means that my friend-turned-student takes me home and we have class at my house after Thuhr. I didn’t want to break our routine. 

I ended up knowing the set of ajzaa after all. Not perfectly, but satisfactorily. I felt glad that I went to class and resolved to never miss class. 

I love teaching this students mine not only ’cause she’s a friend but ’cause she’s a student of deen, so all the Arabic terms in tajwīd aren’t foreign to her. I’m determined to write a tajwīd book InShaAllah, ’cause I am particular about explaining using my own terms and word order. But I felt like that would be disrespectful to my teachers. Being a student of deen, she reminded me that Imam Shafi’i disagreed with Imam Abu Hanifa’s work in his lifetime and formulated what we know as the Shafi’i math-hab. Talk about motivation💪. 

FYI I came across an excellent 4-part tajwīd series that I recommend you to watch. 

Then I had my developmental psychology class this evening, which I looked forward all week since last week. I love the stimulation of the subject and going to campus. One of my classmates, Gemma, brings me such joy just by being her entertaining, witty, authentic self. She really is a gem of a person. I’m going to miss her next term, but I’m sure our paths will cross again. 

Other stuff during the day:

  • Attending to plans relating to Mom’s upcoming graduation lunch. 
  • Seeing to my Quran Institutes directory admin. Watch this space. 
  • Amending some Zahraa Institute admin. Check out the upcoming, exciting Qur’an Tour:

As always, with best of du’as for your worldly and Hereafter success,