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Bismillah. All praises and thanks are due to Allah, who blessed us with the Glorious Qur’an. Abundant salutations be upon our beloved, Nabi Muhammad SAW. 

Something I learned

I’ve reached the 20 juz mark and need to now recite it all out to my teacher, but I seem to have a block, which I believe to be self-sabotage, where I won’t allow myself to reach or go beyond a certain level of success. Funnily enough, I don’t fear failure, I fear success. So I looked up what to do about it and came across Marie Forleo. “…I learned about a concept called “upper limits” and the unfortunate link many of us have between self-sabotage and expanded success.” -Marie Forleo. For some people, when they reach their “upper limit”, defined as “the limit that you allow yourself to feel happy and successful”, they get sick, others want to run and hide. Some get themselves in accidents or they start dropping the ball at work. The upper limit is almost like an internal thermostat; like your success comfort zone. Apparently, each of us has a limited tolerance for feeling good. So when things go amazing and we go beyond that upper limit, many of us start to unconsciously sabotage ourselves so that we can get back to our comfort zone.

What to do about it:

  1. Become aware of where you self-sabotage and pay extra attention when you start to do it. You’re going to face this throughout your entire life and the more awareness you bring, the more you reset that thermostat and re-calibrate yourself to handle success.

2. Mantra to repeat:

I expand in success, love and creativity every day as I inspire others to do the same.


When it comes to joy and success, your built-in upper limit is completely adjustable.”

-Marie Forleo

Something I discovered:

Jenna – the Qur’an teacher! A doll that recites 4 surahs. It is really pricey, especially since the Rand is my currency, but I could not resist ordering one online. I pray that it gets delivered to me safely.


Something I heard:

I’ve heard this lecture before from my all-time favourite Islamic speaker, but it gets to me every time:

“Why am I learning this Quran? The cliche answer is: for guidance. But what does that mean?

“When we’re asking Allah for guidance, we’re asking Him for the strength to make the right choices.

“The actual relationship that I have with the Quran is not when I’m listening to a lecture; it’s not when I’m memorising. You know when the actual relationship I have with the Quran is? When I’m standing in salat and reciting it. When I’m standing in salat and I’m listening to it being recited. The relationship we have with the Quran happens five times a day at least. If somebody’s salat is good, their Quran is good. And if somebody is not engaging with the Quran in salat, then their relationship with the Quran is entirely artificial. It means nothing. It is entirely an academic exercise and a superficial exercise. The real Quran happens in salat. Everything I learn about the Quran- all of it boils down to: I will have a better salat. If I will not have better salat, all of this is in vain.” -Ust. Nouman Ali Khan [transcribed from a talk]

Something I read:

Confession: I have not finished reading this book yet. Nonetheless, in the preface, Dr. Muhyiddin Abd al Shakoor writes, “…those who are generally sought to assist the troubled hearts of men are clearly equally as sick as their patients. Sometimes they are sicker.” He also writes, “Dr. Badri has taken a bold step in presenting his reflections on what truly is a dilemma: The Muslim Psychologist attempting to live a duality which ultimately is fatal.”

This book was published way back in 1979 and I am fortunate to be alive in a time where the opportunity to be an Islamic psychologist is not a far-fetched dream but a reality, Alhamdulillah. I hope to further my studies by doing Islamic psychology at the Islamic University of Malaysia in the future inShaAllah. I was so inspired by the profiles of the female lecturers there (which I read on their website). I have many aspirations and I make du’a that Allah SWT guides me to what will be most beneficial to His creation and be most pleasing to Him. Aameen.

With best of du’as for your worldly and Hereafter success,