“Everything that is approaching is already here.” -Ml. Zahir Parker. 

The end of my year of Darun-Na’im was approaching every day and now it really is here. Alhamdulillah, with a heavy heart.

So how was it?

People with high expectations like me are usually disappointed. But not only did Second Year at Darun-Na’im meet my expectations but it surpassed them. SubhanAllah. I didn’t expect to cry so much. Better yet, I really didn’t except to laugh so much. I wasn’t ecstatic about wearing niqaab but never in my life have I been so grateful for that piece of fabric!

I used to have to get through my week to reach the weekend. But this year I had to struggle through my weekend to breathe on Monday. You know you live a blessed life when you can’t wait for Monday. Allah’s Deen is ease. Truly. 

I would’ve loved to go on studying here, but I know that Allah’s using me for something different. I must follow what I believe to be, at this point in time, my life’s work. It’s extremely hard to say no to everything else, coz I’m a “hummingbird.” “These are people who can’t focus on just one passion and goal, but instead find themselves interested in a variety of things.” – Sister Fajr. 

My intention is to return, if Allah choses me again. And I ask Him to choose me again. And again. Aameen. 

I came to get closer to our beloved, and Alhamdulillah, “salAllahu alayhi wa sallam” has heightened meaning. We so aptly completed our day with learning about ‘umrah and the city of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW. 

I thank Allah SWT and every single one of my past and present teachers for the role that they played in my life and my journey towards Allah SWT. Not to mention my parents, family and friends. [Sending a shout-out to you all!]

As Allah accepted us to attend the entire year, may He accept it from us. Aameen. 

Btw this post has been difficult to write, so please excuse the incontinuity. I’ll try to update it at some point InShaAllah.