All praises and thanks be to Allah SWT. Abundant salutations be upon our beloved master and teacher, Nabi Muhammad SAW. 

I end my night by opening up a belated birthday present from a beloved friend in Kimberly. Usually gifts given to me after my birthday don’t count. That’s just my rule. But tonight’s gift came at the perfect time. Reflecting back on my graduation ceremony this morning, where I got my first ijāza for the recitation of Hafs, this card was especially meaningful. 

At the beginning of this year I wrote down my goals, one of them being to attain sanad and ijāza this year. When I started reciting to my teacher at my part-time class, she said it would take about two years, so attaining it this year would be out of the question. It was only after I came across the piece of paper I had written it on that I noted the immense power of intention. Of stating your goals, and more importantly, of writing them down. With Allah’s permission and assistance of course. Alhamdulillah. 

I think back to when my principal, Ml. Saleem offered me the opportunity to recite to Sheikh Abdullah bin Salih Al-Obaid. I was hesitant. I didn’t think I’d be capable. After Sheikh Abdullah tested me, I was convinced I failed the test. My voice was uncontrollably shaking and it just went terrible. So I went home. Not long after I got home, Ml. Saleem phoned me and said I was supposed to stay and and told me about the arrangements to recite to the Sheikh. I was ecstatic! 

Today at the ceremony, Sheikh Abdullah said that we achieved in two months what usually takes two years. He said even he was initially skeptical about whether we’d complete the khatm, but highlighted that we were able to because of the dedication of the group; nobody missed a single session. Alhamdulillah. 

I’m humbled that Allah SWT chose me out of far more deserving huffādh and hāfidhāt and I blog about this momentous occasion in my journey simply because cannot contain my gratitude. To Allah SWT. And to everyone who played a role, no matter how small. And also because my achievements are your achievements. 

Knowing about Hāfidha Radia Bawa’s acheivements and learning about the system of sanad and ijāza from her inspired me to also aspire to great heights. 

My night ended off with a visit to a sister leaving for hajj tomorrow InShaAllah. I was near the end of my first semester of studying Bcom and I hated it and I was going to switch over to doing a BA when she said that if I want to do Islamic studies, I should go overseas and study it, not academically here at varsity. I thought about it then deregistered from university. I started hifdh in the mean time, and the rest is history. Alhamdulillah. 

Thank you for sharing my moment with me. 

With best of du’as for your worldy and hereafter success,