It’s such a privilege and honour to be granted the opportunity every (school) day to sit in one of the gardens of Jannah in this world – the gatherings of the remembrance of Allah, Alhamdulillah. I ask Allah to grant these gatherings to be a cause of nūr and hidāyah to enter my heart and to spread and let them be a means of nūr and hidāyah spreading across the world. (Aameen). 

So I’m grateful to those who facilitate this for me. I initially intended to feature my beloved teachers of Darun-Na’im (Wynberg), all seven of them. I will do so in due time inShaAllah, but this first post is about Darun-Na’im’s caretaker, Brother Muhammad. I don’t know much about him, except that he’s from Malawi. Every morning I see him sweeping or mopping the floor as I make my way towards the ladies’ entrance of the masjid. It didn’t occur to me how amazing this man is before Ml. Yunus told my class about him, his excellent work ethic and what he does. 

Firstly, he gave up his lounge area to be used as the second year classroom which I sit in every (school) day. We can sometimes hear people or smell cooking food from his adjoining house. And he lives with his wife and children. Would you willingly give up your lounge to be used as a madrasah? More amazingly, he built a small masjid along with a madrasah in Malawi. It brought tears to my eyes when I heard that from his humble caretaker’s salary he pays the mu’allim’s salary every month. SubhanAllah! I was moved to tears as I was listening to how much this man loves Allah and what he does for the sake of Allah SWT. I ask myself, what am I doing, with everything that I have?

This morning I asked him to take my number and I saw that his phone’s wallpaper is Allah’s Name. His WhatsApp profile picture is Allah’s Name. Side note: Sometimes our wallpapers and profile pictures are selfies, cats, clothes, heels, cars – the distractions of this world. And they may well be indicative of what’s in our hearts.

Back to Brother Muhammad, I asked him how the masjid’s doing and he said he’s expanding it. There must be a need. I asked him how the people stay Muslim and how they’re even growing as I’m well aware of the hard work of the Christian missionaries there. He said that he sends money to Malawi and buys food for them. SubhanAllah. Moreover, I think it’s evident that Allah accepts his sincere efforts and places Barakah in them. He doesn’t cease to amaze me. I like to think of him as one of the awliyā/friends of Allah living amongst us whom we would never even consider. 
May Allah continue to bless him and his family, accept him and from him and increase his rizq of every form. Aameen. 

I put him in touch with an organisation in Malawi but they don’t work in that particular area unfortunately. So if you’d like to donate money to him directly, you’re welcome to contact me, preferably on WhatsApp: +27793500024. 

With best of du’as for your success in both worlds,