By Shaykh Hamdi Ben Aissa

The goal of correct recitation of the Qu’ran is not only to recite the Word of God in the best way. But also to learn how to be in one’s behaviour. We are called to apply Tajweed to our selves. Why is such attention given to the correct pronunciation of the Word of God? The deep goal of Tajwid (correct recitation) is to give each letter its right by recognizing that letter as a sign of God. We are called to take into consideration the unique role of each letter. The rules of the letter “Noon” are not the same as those of the letter “Alif.” Similarly, the rules that apply to one’s conduct with Parents are not the same as the rules that apply with brothers or sisters or friends. The one who practices the discipline of giving each thing its right will naturally start to organize his life in such a way that each and every aspect of daily life is granted its due attention.Tajwid, then, is a metaphor of the spiritual state of the believer who interacts with each thing according to the highest form of ihsan, treating each and every aspect of his daily life with the care and attention that it merits