Dear Future Baby,

Gosh how I miss your future daddy sometimes. And it’s kinda hard. I’m dying to tell him how my day was. How my recitation is going. To have him check my next lesson. But we don’t speak, chat, Skype.

People find it weird. Some may find it ridiculous. Like “you’re supposedly getting married but you don’t chat? Like hello? What’s the deal?” they’re probably thinking. 

So why?

Dear future baby, all we want is to please Allah. To be under His rahmah (mercy). To have a blessed union. In due time. InShaAllah. 

Dear future baby, I’m afraid I’ll be overprotective over you. If I am, it’s only because I so badly want to save you from the life I lead not that long ago. 

Dear future baby, I wish someone told me what I’m about to tell you. You are incredibly beautiful, talented and awesome in every way. I love your quirks, your sarcasm, your wit and charm. And you’re going to be attractive to guys. And you might like one back. But some day, Allah is going to bless you with the man He decreed for you 50 000 years before the sky was introduced to the sea. He is going to love you. For who you are.  As you are. But more importantly, for the sake of the One Who created you. 

If only I knew Allah would bless me with a pure man. Who never looked at another woman. Let alone touched another woman. 

But then I remind myself of Allah’s words where He says, “pure women are for pure men and pure men are for pure women.” I can’t ever consider myself pure. So how do I deserve him? I don’t think I do. But Allah does. And that’s all that matters. 

Dear future Baby, I don’t want you to think we’re strict, overprotective, stifling. I don’t intend to be. And I know your daddy will be right there, telling me to chill. My biggest hope is to raise you to know and love Allah so much that you’ll do anything for Him. And I promise He’ll do everything for you. 

All my love,

Your future momma