It’s amazing how I was just thinking about something that’s disturbing my peace of mind when one of my moulanas started speaking about it. Of all the things he could have spoken about, he chose my specific issue. I felt like he was talking directly to me. Like everyone else was just there but the message was directed at me personally. I’m sure you’ve felt the same way at some point. I feel that Allah was using him as a means for my guidance.

It’s amazing how Allah cares so much about me that He puts people in my life to keep me in check. Like yesterday when a friend of mine messaged me asking what’s up with my [WhatsApp] profile pic. It was an old pic that I found in my Dropbox account and saved, and I guess my nafs got the better of me. Full hijaab and everything, but why? What was the point? 

 I’d rather have my profile pic be a source of inspiration or da’wah than potential fitna or just meaningless. 

I pray that Allah guides us to His obedience and pleasure, and increases our eemaan and taqwa. May He grant us understanding and wisdom and use us to serve His beautiful Deen.

Oh Allah, make us realise the value of our short time on this earth 

 and do not make this world our biggest concern. Aameen.  

“Oh our Lord, do not cause our hearts to deviate after You have guided us and grant us, from You, mercy. Indeed You are the One Who Gives.” Aameen. 

With best wishes,