Now and again, I like to share titbits of my life, even though I know no one cares! If you’re into milkshakes though, here’s my week in milkshakes:

English Toffee Milkshake

Tuesday after an amazing swimming session at the Long Street Baths, I had lunch at Spitfire with a friend and her doll-faced baby, (ma-sha-Allah). That wasn’t the plan. I didn’t even know Spitfire existed. We needed somewhere niqaab-friendly for her, so The Pizza & Coffee Cafe didn’t work (’cause its so tiny) and another coffee shop was closed. The milkshake verdict: now I know where to get my fix! Truly mouth-watering.

Lessons: 1. It turns out our rizq was written there. 2. You can have a meal in a restaurant with a baby in peace. 3. You can eat out comfortably if you ever decide to go into niqaab.

Mango Milkshake

I live in the area but I had never stepped foot into Instant Pies. I never considered it either. Whilst my friend and her fam come here all the way from Cravenby! It just looked low-class and dodgy to me. I was totally judging the book by its cover. The outside of the shop is still sub-standard to me, but the place itself is perfectly fine. Though I prefer pretty places. The milkshake verdict: It tasted amazing but it wasn’t thick enough.

Highlight: Spending time with one of my favourite people was a highlight in itself, but I loved her reaction to my news that I shared with her. Gotta love expressive reactions!!!


Strawberry Milkshake

We planned to go to Pearl Spoon in Claremont for one of my friends’ birthday, but it was unfortunately closed. Cafe on the Deck around the corner was closed too, (for a private function). We decided to order food from the halaal Primi take-away and to eat at the the Gardener’s Cottage in Newlands, next to SACS. We got our food but the Garderner’s Cottage was closed. What now? This was with two friends who I can be completely myself with, so I suggested we park the car and eat on the side of the road. Remember, this was in Newlands, so it’s beautiful and safe, Alhamdulillah. We sat under a huge tree in front of SACS until dark. The milkshake verdict: if I wanted strawberry juice I would’ve ordered strawberry juice. It was made with real strawberries and tasted fine, but far too thin for a milkshake.

Lesson: Be game for anything!

Creme Brulee Milkshake

Timbuktu Books was one of the coffee shops I wanted to try out for a long time. I loved the setting and its sort of rustic vibe. Side note: I was suprised that they had music in the background, (since its an Islamic book shop).The milkshake verdict: Loved it! Amazing!

Highlight: Enjoying a conversation on my level. I have so few people I consider friends ’cause I need to be able to have decent, meaningful conversations in order to consider someone more than an acquaintance.  

 Strictly halaal places I’d still like to try out in-sha-Allah:

Pearl Spoon

Cafe on the Deck

District Cafe

Yummy Treats and Coffee Shop

Caturra Coffee Bar

Batavia Cafe

After a holiday of lessons and highlights, I’m rejuvenated and mentally prepared (I hope) for another term of academics, spiritual upliftment, babysitting, tajweed, dhor, the works! In-sha-Allah (God-willing).

With best wishes,