Dear Future Baby,

It’s pretty amazing that your soul already exists and that some day Allah will order an angel to blow it into me. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms. I simply adore babies and I ask to hold every one I get the opportunity to meet.

I’m inspired to write to you and capture it online so that I don’t lose it and so that maybe you’ll come across it some day. I hope you don’t find it cheesy (though you probably will, simply ’cause I’m your mom). I’m also deeply inspired by a course I attended today, titled “The Forgotten Jewels.” We were tasked with writing letters to our mothers (easy peasy) …and then giving it her (super hard). We were even given the option of having the organisation post it to her. ‘Cause it’s that hard.

My baby, I don’t want it to be difficult for you one day. I’m not going to make any promises to you. But I promise myself to always tell you that you’re beautiful, to tell you that I love you every day, to be affectionate, to be open and fun. If I don’t manage, there’ll always be another person who’ll be better than me, in-sha-Allah. Your beloved daddy.

I can’t claim to know who he is; but I have some idea. And if he turns out to be who I pray he is, then you’ll always be in good hands. It brings tears to my eyes when I picture him holding you. I want him to be your first word, to be your favourite parent, to be the one who makes you laugh. And I hope that some day you’ll thank me for choosing him. In-sha-Allah.

‘Til next time,

All the love in the world,

Your future mommy.