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Blog post #3 on Innovative Ways to Memorise the Qur’an.

Sheikh Dr. Yayha al-Ghawthany said that the following steps are of utmost importance. They are the most solid thing we learned at his workshop. He said that he discovered this through the mercy of Allah over a number of years and he has tested it on hundreds of people with amazing results.

My personal recommendation: Only attempt this method when you are prepared to memorise; once you can read the page fluently with no mistakes. Be sure to sit up straight.

5 Steps for exceptional, solid and quick memorisation:

  1. Hold the Qur’an high [eye-level] and to your left.
  2. Look at the ayah [or piece you intend to memorise]. Focus.
  3. Take a deep breath [from your diaphragm, not your chest] then read the ayah. (In this way we would have committed it to memory.)
  4. Repeat it from the top of your head twice or more (from your imaginary board)
  5. Join the second ayah to the first. [Repeat above steps].

Note: If you are left-handed, you should hold the Qur’an to your right. This has to do with the way your brain works.

I recommend that in step 3 you read the ayah many times, until it sticks, and in step 4, also repeat it from memory many times.

With best wishes for you to succeed in your hifdh in-sha-Allah,

Cape Town Haafidha