I know I haven’t been very regular with updating my progress on my journey to tamat (graduate). I have been avoiding doing so because it hasn’t sunken in yet. I still havent gotten used to being a called a “tamatee” (hifdh graduate) and I only have 5 weeks left. It goes deeper than that though. I still feel undeserving of this huge honour. It stems from low self-esteem and maybe weak eemaan as well. I mean, Allah chose me for this and He doesn’t make mistakes. If He knows I have the ability, who am I to doubt myself?

Now for my actual update:

I’m currently half-way through a khatm (from memory) and have a couple more to do in-sha-Allah.

On Wednesday I will get tested on my entire Qur’an by my ustadh (in-sha-Allah).

On Thursday I’m supposed to recite out the whole Tuhfatul Atfaal tajweed poem, which I will also be examined on at my tamat.

Next Tuesday I will be mock examined by one of the adjudicators (in-sha-Allah).

Then I have 3 weeks of hard work and a few days to hopefully relax before my big day in-sha-Allah.

I humbly request you to make du’a for me, that Allah grants me the perserverence to achieve my full potential and that He keeps the Quran firm in my heart.

With best wishes for you to succeed in your hifdh,

Cape Town Haafidha