Today I had the privilege of witnessing another beautiful hifdhul Qurʾān completion ceremony. Yet another two have been chosen, Alhamdulillah.

I went prepared with my tissue in hand this time, so I could enjoy the emotions instead of feeling awkward and trying to ask around for tissues in the middle of the program.

I love completion ceremonies because I find them really motivating and inspiring. A much-needed reminder came from the first speech, in which the hadith was quoted:

 Verily, the example of the owner of the Quran is like the example of the owner of the tied camel. If he keeps it tied (commits himself to it) he will hold it back and if he lets it loose it will escape from him.

The first tears that came to my eyes were the aayaat recited, which translates as, “Oh you who believe, repent to Allah a sincere repentance…” (Qurʾān, 66:8)

In that moment I repented in my heart over neglecting my dhor (back lessons) and renewed my intention to work harder, in-sha-Allah.

The speech of one of the hāfithāt’s mothers really touched me, where she said that she never had to tell her daughter to sit with her Qur’ān and that her daughter is an inspiration to her, ma-sha-Allah.

I cried when of the grandfathers emtionally expressed that today was the first time he ever heard his granddaughter recite. His advice was short and sweet, the words of our beloved Nabi Sallallaahu alaihi Wasallam, “I leave behind two things, the Qurʾān and my sunnah.”

One of the guest speakers left us with a parable to think about. Think of a seed and a stone. If you water a seed, it grows, but no matter how much you water a stone, nothing happens. Likewise, your heart can either be a seed or a stone. If it’s like a seed, its nourishment is the Qurʾān, but if it’s like a stone, no matter how much Qurʾān you recite, nothing happens.

So how do we get our hearts to be like seeds?

  1. Sincerity
  2. Humility
  3. Right action, aided by understanding the Qurʾān

She left us with one practical piece of advice I will definitely implement immediately in-sha-Allah. She said, before you start reciting, before you even say the isti’ātha, say,

Allāh, this is for You.

May Allah grant us the opportunity and ability to implement everything we learn. Āmeen.

May Allah grant our new hāfidhāt steadfastness, eemaan, taqwa and keep the Qurʾān firm in their hearts and apparent in their characters and actions. Āmeen.