So my ustadh decided to pick me of all people to recite for the Voice of the Cape radio station. I can speak impromptu in front of hundreds with no problem, but get me to recite even whilst looking in, without an audience, and I’m a ball of nerves.

My main reason is that I don’t have a melodious voice (and maybe I’m bit self- conscious about that), so I would rather have someone with a beautiful voice recite instead. My ustadh reminded me that the beauty of the Qur’ān is not in one’s voice, but in tajweed.

So off I went this afternoon, only to find out when I got there that I was to recite not only Surah Sajda but suwar Waaqi’ah and Mulk as well. Since I didn’t know beforehand, I hadn’t prepared them; but one of the advantages of being a haafidha is being familiar with the Qur’ān at all times; Alhamdulillah. image

Cape Town Haafidha reciting in the Voice of the Cape recording studio.

Although my recitation probably sounded like I was nervous and off-key, at least I was sincere in intention, and I ask the Almighty to accept it from me. Plus, it’s something bucket- list worthy that I accomplished, Alhamdulillah.