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After my tajweed theory lesson was over this morning, my student and I started talking about the purification of the heart. She attends bi-weekly classes on the subject and fills me in on what stood out for her and we end up discussing things like the permissibly of watching TV and listening to music.

This morning I had to gush over one of my friends who came around to me yesterday to tell me she got a proposal and she’s getting married in-sha-Allah.

She came to mind because I read about purification of the heart; she practices it, even when it comes to eating. For example, she stopped drinking gas drinks completely for over a year now whereas I would give in occasionally.
I love my food and I only have Allah to thank that I don’t look like it.

As soon as she found out her amazing fiancé (ma-sha-Allah) was interested in her, two years ago, she started striving even harder to become a better muslimah.

I tend to relate things to me and my hifdh, and I realise in shame that I should be striving harder. I remember my past ustaadha advising my class that we should never think that we’re doing enough just ’cause we’re doing hifdh. I’m a month away from being a haafidha in-sha-Allah and my character is a far cry from that of a true haafidha. Allahu Musta’aan (Allah is the One we seek help from).

Oh Allah, give my soul it’s piety and purify it, and You are the best of those who can purify it. You are it’s Protector and Master. Ameen.