I finally finished reciting all of my dhor (back lessons) on Saturday Alhamdulillah, and got spot tested. The test went bad but I still passed based on the fact that I had recited all of my dhor to my ustadh.

Just for interest’s sake, this is how my work is scheduled daily:

Ajzaa 1 – 10: 1 juz
Ajzaa 11 – 20: 1 juz
Ajzaa 21 – 23: quarter juz
Ajzaa 24 – 25 (new lesson): Approx 1 page (2 sides) plus from the beginning of the juz ’til new lesson.
Ajzaa 26 – 30: half juz

On the way home from school that day, I shed tears as I reflected on the reality that “this is it” – officially my last 2 ajzaa of sabaq and then I’m done. I can’t comprehend that I will be a haafidha (in-sha-Allah).

On Saturday my mum’s friend from Roshne brought down an Abaya as a gift that I am to wear on the day I complete my hifdh in-sha-Allah. I haven’t seen it yet and I hope that I love it. If I don’t, I have a back-up abaya in mind – my friend’s nikah (wedding) abaya that I know she won’t mind me wearing.

Tonight my mum informed me that my father has booked his plane ticket to arrive three days before my completion ceremony (in-sha-Allah).

I feel a little torn about having a completion ceremony, where I’ll be reciting my last lesson in front of my whole hifdh school, including the teachers, the school’s board members and my guests. On the one hand I would like everyone to be present and experience the moment I complete along with me, and on the other hand I fear riyaa (ostentation) and think it should be a private moment. I’m also nervous about how I will recite, and again, I fear insincerity.

I also am a little concerned about the amount of money my father will have to spend on the food, gifts and other expenses. My mum is really awesome Alhamdulillah and has told me not to worry about it. She knows how much the day will mean to me. I’ve said before that to me it’s more important than a wedding day, ’cause it’s something you have to work for.

Right now I gotta get back to my dhor. I have a quarter juz left to solidify (bi-ith-nillah).

May Allah (SWT) purify us, accept from us and keep us sincere in speech and deeds. Ameen.