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It’s been two weeks since I’m back at hifdh school. I’m still getting into the swing of things. I’ve been falling asleep almost every afternoon unintentionally, and I’m a heavy sleepy so I can’t simply wake up after half an hour. Sometimes I’ll sleep for three hours! This is really unfortunate for me, but then again, I can’t complain of having a bad night’s sleep, Alhamdulillah.

I got placed in the “finishing class” – the class in which all of the students are earmarked to complete their hifdh this year bi-ith-nillah. My teacher who I had last year is teaching my class this year. I was really disappointed, because I simply don’t gel with her. The teacher who usually teaches the “finishing class” is now taking the tamat class ’cause the tamat teacher left.

My dhor consolidation schedule hasn’t been going as well as it should be. I’m supposed to be reading two and three quarter ajzaa daily – two full ajzaa, one half and one quarter. I managed fine when I started off but now that i’m getting to hectic ajzaa it’s been challenging to keep up and I’ve only been managing to solidify one juzz at home and my half juzz and quarter at school. I’m set to complete reciting out all of my ajzaa by next week, after which i’ll be spot tested on them and then I will start with sabaq in-sha-Allah.

My mentor spoke to me today and reminded me of the date I’m set to finish. “Don’t disappoint me and don’t disappoint yourself,” she said. My mentor’s been my greatest source of motivation and I definitely attribute my success to being mentored, Alhamdulillah. I intend to mentor hifdh students in the future in-sha-Allah, especially to those who don’t have other means of support. Sometimes all it takes is one person who believes in you.

I have to get back to tackling my dhor for tomorrow in-sha-Allah.

May Allah (SWT) ease for us and solidify the Qur’an in our hearts as he solidified it in the heart of Nabi Muhammad (SAW). Ameen!