Hifdh is a little like marriage. Before you begin your relationship you can’t wait for it to start. You’re brimming with determination and zeal. Your “honeymoon” is filled with passion and excitement. Your new life requires some adjustment but before long, you settle into some sort of routine.

Soon you realise that this relationship isn’t as rosy as you expected. You realise It requires work. Hard work. Six months down the line your spark has dimmed. Shaytaan has whispered. Your intention becomes clouded.  You start doubting your decision. You make du’a, but nothing seems to happen. But you just carry on, putting one foot in front of the other, taking one day at a time.
Your anniversary arrives. You reflect and thank Allah for all that you accomplished, for you couldn’t have done it without Him. At times it seemed like He wasn’t listening but He sure was; He just wanted to hear you some more. You forgive yourself for what you didn’t quite achieve and resolve to try harder, to renew your intention and get back on track.

Oh Allah, forgive me for being so weak; for not giving my all. Forgive me for my laziness. Help me, oh Allah. Grant me the qualities that I need to become successful. Instill sincere love in my heart. Please… I beg You. I need You. I love You.