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The Book of Allāh deserves the utmost respect

Shame on one who treats it with neglect

As its student, I check my character and neatness

O Allāh, grant me to taste its sweetness!

I should prefer the Qur’ān over all friends

I should not be influenced by surroundings and trends

I should accept advice and listen well

O Allāh, guide me to learn it and to excel!

The Qur’ān deserves only the best

I have to be strong and face every test

I have to be eager and do what’s right

O Allāh, help me to keep my goal in sight!

Discipline, time-management, responsibility

Only with these three can I attain quality

Sincerity is required for acceptance from my Lord

O Allāh, I need strength for when I’m lazy and when I’m bored!

I do not cry over things that I’ve done wrong

I prefer listening to jokes and even a song

I need to repent now and start anew

O Allāh, inspire me to all that pleases You!

I need strength to fight Shaytān and his whisperings

I forget that Allāh knows all big and little things

I fall prey to my friends and things they suggest

O Allāh, give me strength to put my desires to rest!

We beg, O Allāh, for Your mercy and that we remain protected

Make the Qur’ān our friend here and after we’re resurrected!

The opportunity Allāh’s given us we do appreciate

Let us make use of it before it is too late!